Let's be real... we've all, at one point or another, felt insecure about our bodies. With so much distraction from advertisers and the enormous about of influence from the media and our peers, it can be hard to feel secure in our own skin.


We are all beautiful, inside and out, and we should never be afraid to let our true self shine. Dye your hair pink, wear that bold lipstick, rock those shoes you've been too afraid to break out - just DO IT! Whatever makes you feel the most beautiful - do that! I always feel my best when I'm wearing outfits that are truly ME!

That's why I was so excited to do this post. I've partnered up with Dia&Co. (a curated shopping experience, delivered to your doorstep, exclusively in sizes 14+) to share how I would style a garment that I've been hesitant to wear because of my body type. Every Friday, the Dia&Co office celebrates "Try-day Friday" where they challenge each other to step out of their fashion "box" and play with new styles that they might not otherwise try.

So, here it is!

...I am facing my #FASHIONFEARS by styling...


I've always loved the easy style of culottes but could never find a pair that were flattering on me. I have shorter legs and a longer torso, so I needed them to be super high-waisted and hit just the right spot on my legs, which I could never seem to find. They would always hit at the widest part of my leg and just made me look even shorter.

That is, until I found this pair at Zara! They sit high enough on my waist and the tie detail is super flattering... AND they're the perfect length! #WIN - I actually bought them in black too.

PANTS // These are old, but these are similarsimilarsimilarjumpsuit
JACKET // Similar
SHOES // Sam Edelman

I've been playing around with how to style these pants for a while now and just couldn't seem to get it "right". When I tried them on with this jacket, it really completed the look for me. I felt sassy, confident and just the right amount of trendy and classic. I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought these, even if it has taken me a little while to actually wear them!

I hope this post inspires you to face your fashion fears, too! Wear that dress, style your hair that way you've been pinning for months, try out a new makeup look - you are your most BEAUTIFUL when you feel the most like YOU!!


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