Hey Dolls,

These posts will be all about how to work the world of "dupes". If you're like me and just can't quite justify spending the entirety of your disposable income for the month on that it bag that's all over IG... with no money left to afford to go anywhere to show it off - please read on.

I'm going to try to do these posts as often as I can, to show you guys that you really CAN get the look for less.

This week I'm featuring the bag that's making us all research whether there's a one month grace period for rent...

The Mansur Gavriel "Bucket Bag"

This medium size, italian leather beauty runs from $460 - $625 depending on the color. I'm sure it's as soft as a baby's butt, and probably smells like a new car... but for us post-grad grinding, rent paying, student loan slaves... the extra $500 means we probably can't eat anything but gold fish and peanut butter toast for the month.

Try this...

Madewell - "lafayette bucket bag"

At a much more wallet friendly price point of $198, this versitile carryall will allow you not only eat this month, but you'll be able to buy those booties you've been eyeing too. Plus, the added shoulder strap makes for a perfect arm carry.

And finally...

Old Navy - "Woman's Bucket Bag"

Guys this is a STEAL! I personally just picked up 2 of these, a cognac colored one and a white one, for... wait for it... $9 EACH! These new fall colors retail for $29.94 and worth every penny. If you're a seasonal bag changer, bag hoarder, or just love a good deal... this is the perfect bucket for the price, the look and the timeframe you're realistically going to use it. And if you happen to get a pen mark or two on it, hey - it was only $30!

While I am definitely one for the "buy less, choose well" motto - sometimes a trendy dupe is worth the savings. If it's something you think you'll use for seasons to come though, that's worth it in my book too.

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