9 THINGS: My Slow Fashion Wish List

Monday, September 24, 2018

Happy FALL y'all! I am excited to get into this edition of 9 THINGS because I'm going to be talking about something that is super new to me - SLOW FASHION!


Slow, ethical, sustainable - all terms you've probably heard thrown around... but what do they actually mean? I'll be honest, I'm still very much learning about all of this, so I'm quoting the below from a post Lee Vosburgh (one of the women who really inspire me to go "slow") wrote back in 2016 that briefly describes each term:
ETHICAL CONSUMERISM – the practice of purchasing products and services produced in a way that minimizes social and/or environmental damage, while avoiding products and services deemed to have a negative impact on society or the environment.
SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION – the creation of goods and services using processes and systems that are: Non-polluting. Conserving of energy and natural resources. Economically viable. Safe and healthful for workers, communities, and consumers.
ECO-FASHION – is a focus on the production of clothing that takes into account not only the environment, but the health of the consumers who will be wearing the clothes and the working conditions of the people involved with making the clothes.
CONSCIOUS CONSUMER – those who are willing to pay more, wait longer for or buy less of a product that’s been produced in an ethical and/or sustainable way. Fun fact: 66% of consumers around the world say they prefer to buy products and services from companies that have implemented programs to give back to society.
ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT – refers to achieving net zero carbon emissions by balancing a measured amount of carbon released with an equivalent amount sequestered or offset, or buying enough carbon credits to make up the difference (ie: planting trees).
SLOW FASHION – is about the deliberate choice to buy better-quality items less often. When purchases are made, they’re environmentally and ethically conscious rather than trend-driven. Sought after garments are timeless in design, durable and lend themselves to repairs, not disposal. Slow fashion makes a clear effort to be transparent so buyers know where their clothes are coming from, and items are often handmade by artisans.

* Read her full blog post HERE


I am a chronic consumer... addict even. I am constantly looking for the "new" and tend to get bored easily with my current wardrobe - except for a select few pieces. The funny thing is... I have a whole room (a small room) that my handy hubby converted into my walk-in closet... wall of shoes, racks of tops and dresses... ask me how much of it I actually wear??? Probably 10% of it, and that might be giving myself some credit. I am constantly purging - selling, consigning and donating my pre-loved items, most things I've only worn a handful of times, or not at all. I impulse buy and don't think things through enough - especially when it's a good price!

I need to slow down - literally. Recently I've been focusing on curating my wardrobe, instead of just shopping for it. I've been focusing on fit, longevity and how certain pieces will work with things I already have in my closet. I've been paying more attention to where I buy my clothes, and looking into responsible brands, while sticking with a budget I know I can afford. A fully slow fashion wardrobe is going to take time (and lots of $$$) so I'm starting with baby steps! I also care about the earth and keeping it around long enough for my children, and grandchildren to enjoy. The fashion industry is a HUGE source of pollution for our planet - from the factories, the chemicals and dyes, to the simple fact of how much water is used to make these garments... it's scary stuff! If I can do my part, albeit a small part, I can help make a difference.




JACKET: Hackwith Design House // Duster Cardigan in "Brick" -- $280
BOOTIES: Nisolo // Dari Boot -- $238
SWEATER: Vetta // The Oversized Sweater -- $159


SNEAKERS: Veja // Taua Leather in "White" -- $116.62 (roughly)
CULOTTES: Whimsy + Row // Valentina Pant in "Black Linen" $116
PANTS: Elizabeth Suzann // Andy Trouser (Cotton Canvas) in "Natural" -- $195


DRESS: Reformation // Dawn Dress in "Martini" -- $178
TRENCH: Elizabeth Suzann // Clyde Trench (Cotton Canvas) in "Natural" -- $275
TANK: Only Child // Laguna Tank (Tencel) in "Clay" -- $145

There are many more things I'd love to add to my wardrobe, but seeing as just these 9 things alone would cost me upwards of $1700 + shipping, I think I'll start here, with one or two pieces from this list. I've also been looking into second-hand slow fashion - there are a few Instagram accounts I follow that sell pieces and I've been checking Poshmark and Ebay to see if I come across anything good. It'll be a slow process, but I have to start somewhere!

If you're looking for more ethical fashion brands - this blog post by The Good Trade really helped me!

As always - thanks for reading :)


Friday, August 24, 2018

Hi everyone! In an effort to actually write more on here, I've decided to start a little series called "9 THINGS". Each month, or bi-weekly (we'll see how it goes), I'll be writing about different things that I'm loving, and showcasing my top 9 picks in that category. What do you guys think? Good idea?

With summer coming to an end, I'm starting to shop for cooler temps - so I figured I'd share some things my Fall Fashion Wishlist!

I'll admit, this one was actually more difficult than I excepted. I think it's because I am really trying to weed through my wardrobe - keeping things that I love and getting rid of the things that could be loved more by someone else. I have SO MUCH that I don't wear, and sometimes it's overwhelming. I also have so much that I keep in case I need it for a certain event or occasion. But lately I've been trying to buy smarter and really thinking about purchases before I make them. So because I'm in the "purge" stage of simplifying my wardrobe, it was harder for me to choose things that I wanted to add. The below pieces are all things that I think would rotate in well, get worn or used often and are budget friendly!

Let's jump in.



WIDE BRIM FELT HAT: GiGi Pip // Scottie - Ultra Stiff Felt Hat
PLAID COAT: H&M // Knee-Length Coat
LEATHER BACKPACK: Nordstrom Rack - French Connection // Perry Small Backpack


WHITE SKINNY JEANS: Nordstrom - TOPSHOP // Jamie High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans
BLACK LEATHER SLIP ON SNEAKERS: Nordstrom - VANS // Classic Slip On Sneakers
SWEATSHIRT DRESS: Everlane // The Classic French Terry Crew Neck Dress


MID-CALF BOOTIES: Matisse // Caty Boot
KNIT SWEATER: Mango // Chunky Knit Sweater
JOGGERS: Urban Outfitters // Out From Under Piper Woven Jogger Pant

I'm already making outfits with these things in my head! White denim + chunky sweater + booties, or sweater dress + slip on sneakers + felt hat. GAH! Can you guys tell I'm excited for Fall? What are you all adding to your wardrobes this season?? Let me know below!

Summer 10x10 Recap

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

I did it! I successfully completed a 10 day capsule wardrobe challenge! Yes, me - lover of all things fashion, who converted a small bedroom into my personal walk-in closet... but I did it and it was SO FUN!

The below was taken from the boss-lady creator herself - Lee (the Bee) Vosburgh, of the blog Style Bee:

"The 10 x 10 Challenge™ is an exercise I established in 2015 to help encourage myself to get more creative with my clothes during a 30 Day Shopping Fast. The concept is essentially a micro capsule closet of 10 items that you work with for 10 days, trying new looks and styling your clothes in ways you might not otherwise try.


I say ‘guidelines’ instead of ‘rules’ because this is meant to be a fun and helpful exercise, not a daunting or rigid task. You can limit yourself to only those 10 items for the full 10 days or just wear those items to work or after work. Take the weekend off and do 10 business days (that’s what I started with). You can try a smaller challenge first if you prefer with only 6 items over 6 days or up the ante and choose a few more items to style over a longer period (I’ve done 20 pieces over 20 days before and 30 items over 30 days).

Do whatever makes it feel manageable but still be sure to challenge yourself!"

So basically you choose 10 items - tops, bottoms, layering pieces and shoes. Don't include accessories, bags, hats, PJs, or gym clothes - those can flow in and out freely. Then you create a new outfit each day, for 10 days, using your 10 items.

Sounds easy, right?

So, let's start about a week out from the challenge: I wanted to give myself plenty of time to sort through my wardrobe for my 10 most favorite, versatile pieces.

I took a night to go through things and try on styles - narrowing it down to probably 15 things I thought would pair well together. After narrowing it down, I created an excel document and pasted in photos (either the exact pieces from the websites, or similar styles) so that I could drag and drop them to make "outfits". I created one tab for all of the outfit pieces, and separate tabs for different groups of 10  items. Yes, I spent way too much time doing this, but it was SO helpful. I'm a planner - I need to know ahead of time exactly what I'm going to do, especially when it comes to what I'm wearing! Digitally planning out looks made the process that much easier.

The next day I went back and tried on the outfits that I dragged and dropped in my excel sheet, to see if they'd actually look good on my body. Some of them did, and some totally didn't. Some looks felt really forced, while others made me feel like "me" - which helped me narrow down my choices even more.

Mid-picking, I decided to not included shoes in my 10 items. For me (a shoe-a-holic) this freed up 2-3 spots to incorporate more main pieces. This felt better for me, and ultimately lead to being able to rotate in more outfits. Once I eliminated the shoes, I spent another night adding in and trying on a few more options - all still from the same 15 pieces I'd narrowed down initially.

Then finally, about a day before the challenge started, I had my 10 pieces! I tried everything on - the exact outfits I'd be wearing, and took photos of each one (and updated my spread sheet with dates!).


BLACK TANK // Old Navy
BROWN PANTS // Everlane
BLACK SKIRT // J.Crew Factory
STRIPED TEE // H&M (Old, Similar)
STRIPED TANK // Old Navy (Old, Similar)

NOTE: I ended up swapping out the black pants in this photo for the floral dress linked above!

While I tried to limit myself to the three shoes shown above, I definitely rotated in a few additional pairs. I also decided to do my 10 days just during the work week - so I started that Friday and took both weekends in between off.

To get more comfortable with wearing the same items multiple times in the same week (or very close together) - not something I typically do. I rarely repeat the same outfits, let alone wear the same piece twice in a row, so my goal was to let go of the "everyone will notice" mindset and just enjoy wearing pieces that I truly love.

Baseball Hat - Target // Sneakers - Vans // Watch - Daniel Wellington

Baseball Hat - Target // Bag - Forever21 (Similar) // Sandals - Nordstrom Rack

Bag - Forever21 (Similar) // Shoes - Vince // Watch - Daniel Wellington

Bag - Old Navy // Shoes - Old (Similar)

Bag - Forever21 (Similar) // Sneakers - Vans

Bag - Old Navy // Shoes - Toms

Shoes - Splendid (Similar)

Shoes - Toms // Bag - Amazon

Sandals - Nordstrom Rack // Bag - ASOS // Watch - Daniel Wellington

Bag - ASOS // Shoes - Vince

This was my first 10x10 challenge and I learned SO much about myself and my style. I learned that people really DON'T notice when you wear a shirt on Monday, then again on Wednesday, and I learned that I feel super confident when I'm wearing something I really love. This challenge has motivated me to simplify my wardrobe, and to buy smarter. It may have taken a whole week to pick my 10 items, but I learned that the things I did choose really ARE some my closet favorites. While I loved my options, I also realized towards the end, that I missed some of my other outfit staples. I found myself wanting to swap out tops more so than bottoms, and I'm glad that I didn't limit myself to shoes! But most of all, I learned that I actually LIKE being limited to a select few wardrobe pieces! SHOCKER. Getting ready in the morning was 100x easier than my normal routine of changing 10 times before finding something that feels like "me". Definitely not something I expected to feel, and I really surprised myself.

- Try to plan out your outfits ahead of time so that you can just throw them on in the morning and not have to worry about wether or not it'll look good! Take photos so you can easily remember what to pair with what.
- Consider the weather! I definitely didn't pay close enough attention to it when picking my outfits and ended up making some swaps in my items to accommodate high temps. I kept my layering pieces in the mix though because I work in an office setting and you know, AC.
- Think about what activities you'll be doing during these 10 days, especially when you're picking shoes (if you include them). I took the weekends off because we were in Maine and I knew I'd be in my bikini and grungy "camp" clothes the whole time. It was brutally hot/humid during my 10 days, but since I work in an office, I had to keep it appropriate.
- Opt for basics. I don't do color (and if you do, that's totally okay too!), which makes it much easier to put looks together because everything is neutral and pairs well together (for the most part). Start with your favorite pair of jeans, black pants, etc. and pick out your tops/layers from there.
- Consider proportions. Don't include a crop top if you wouldn't pair it with your favorite pair of low-rise denim. Decide what silhouettes suit you best and pick your items based on that.
- Enjoy it! 

So there you have it! Overall I had so much fun participating in this challenge. I loved following along with other women and got so much inspiration for future outfits and challenges. I will definitely be partaking in the Fall and I'm excited to incorporate more of my favorite pieces into that mix. What about you guys - did anyone else join in the challenge? What were your goals, and what did you learn from participating? 


Friday, July 13, 2018

It's like Christmas y'all! Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is their biggest sale of the year and it's not one to be missed. There are so many goodies from every category: clothing, shoes, accessories, home decor, beauty, and more! Early access is happening now for cardholders, and the sale opens to the public on July 20th. If you have a Nordstrom Card, I suggest getting in on the deals now so things don't sell out! The popular items do tend to get re-stocked, but better to be safe if you see something you love! My favorite things to stock up on during this sale are cozy sweaters, shoes, and any basics that I know I'll wear over and over again, that I might not normally splurge on.

I woke up early yesterday morning to get an order in, so although I don't have photos of me wearing these pieces, or reviews (for now) I figured it was best to share my picks sooner rather than later. I will update on sizing, etc. once my order arrives! I did pick up/try on a few pieces in store yesterday so those reviews are below.

Okay... Ready - GO!


LEITH Midi Coat - in Tan Dale
$59.90 ($89 after sale)

You just can't go wrong with an oversized camel coat! I obvs love the color of this, but I love how it's just the right mix between casual and dressy - it can go either way! I ordered an XS so it wasn't too too baggy - hopefully it fits well!

$76.90 ($116 after sale)

I missed out on this cardigan last year and kicked myself for not ordering it. They literally are the softest cardigans EVER and I can't wait to wrap myself up in this all Fall and Winter long. I would wear it just as shown - long tee underneath with leggings and probably sneakers or OTK boots to dress it up a little bit. I ordered an XS/S.

$48.90 ($74 after sale)

Like I said, I love stocking up on cardigans because they're my favorite thing to throw on in the cooler months. I basically live in these things all year long, especially at the office when the AC is blasting! I love the knit of this one and the collar detail - very flattering (hopefully). I ordered a size small in this so that I could layer long-sleeve tops underneath - Will report back once this one comes in the mail!

$45 (Sold out - as of 7/14)

Another one that's sold out already! In clouding it because I'd be willing to bet this comes back. It's SO soft and a great length. The waffle knit is super cute and adds a little bit of texture to your outfit. Keep your eyes out online or at your store for this one - it's a goodie.

$45.90 - Sold Out (as of 7/13)

Bummer guys! This one is already sold out :( I loved the neutral color of this sweater and the cute cross-back detail. I'm including it anyways in case it gets restocked or you find one at your local store.

$25.90 ($39 after sale)

I picked this up in store and I think it'll rotate in just nicely this fall. This color is sold out but there a still sizes in a few other colors. It's just a good relaxed fit lightweight sweater. It tucks well and the neckline is really flattering. I got an XS because it runs a little big.

$18.90 ($29.00 after sale)

I'm really digging crop tops lately (paired with the right bottoms), and I liked that this one had long sleeves! I picked this up in store last night and sized up to a Medium so that it wasn't too tight. Just a good basic to have in your closet!

Relaxed Tank - in Black
$18.90 ($29 after sale)

This is a great basic tank that can be worn tucked in, front tucked or left alone - it's a little on the shorter side, without being a crop top, so it works well with most rises of pants. It's also really soft! It runs decently big so I got an XS in this, but if they had it, I might have gotten an XXS.

LEITH Tie Front Pant - in Tan Dale
$45.90 ($69 after sale)

Another paper bag pant that I just couldn't pass up. I sized down in these because the legs are pretty "paper-baggy" ;) So I got an XXS and they fit great! I obviously love the color, but the tie waist and pant length are very flattering.

$49.90 ($69 after sale)

I ordered this dress in an XS because I didn't want it to be too oversized. I love the front hemline and the knot detail, and how it looks with the sleeves rolled up, #sochic. I actually tried this one on in store last night and I'll be honest - I'm not sure I'll keep it. It's just a little bit of a weird length on me, but I'm hoping I might feel differently when I try it on with shoes that I'd actually wear it with. It really is super cute, so I'll report back if I end up keeping it!

$42.90 ($64.95 after sale)

I'm veryy into midi dresses right now, but they have to be the right length. I'm hoping this one hits me at a good spot because I love it online! It's a really cute, subtle floral pattern and I love the tie waist. I ordered a small so that it was a little baggier, but I could still cinch it in. If it is the right length on me, I'm totally pairing it with my favorite black Marc Fisher booties!

BP. Ruffled Floral Print Jumpsuit - in Black Camilla Spaced Floral
$42.90 ($65 after sale)

I really hope this jumpsuit fits because it's SO CUTE! I'm really into culottes so I love the pant length of these, and the little ruffle detail at the top. I would pair with booties and a denim jacket if needed, but this could totally be dressed up or down. I ordered an XS so hopefully it works!

Steve Madden Petra Open Side Bootie - in White Snake Print
$79.90 ($119.95 after sale)

I just can't pass up a pointed toe bootie guys, I just can't. I've been looking for a good pair of white booties and I'm hoping these are the ones! I ordered my normal size - 7.5 so I'll report back on the level of awesomeness when these come in.

$65.90 ($98.95 after sale)

I wear my leather Soludos smoking slippers ALL THE TIME, so when I saw these ones I knew I had to get them. I'm hoping they're more of a tan color, rather than a blush as the color states, but either way, I know they'll get lots of love! I sized up a whole size in these as they run small - I'm normally a 7 in flats, but I order an 8 in these and they fit perfectly.

HAPPY SHOPPING LOVES!! Let me know what you guys get :)