Happy #TuesdayShoesday friends! This week I'm reviewing these SUPER COOL customizable rainbows by DecZ!

You guys know how much I love shoes so any opportunity to work with a shoe brand is a dream... not to mention the fact that they are local! DecZ is a Boston-based company who makes customizable rain/fashion boots. Customers purchase their boots and then choose from 30 pre-designed inserts, or create their own! The inserts simply slide into the boots, allowing you to change up the style and color. They also have a "starter-kit" option that comes with the boots and 3 inserts for only $89.97!!!

I love the idea of buying 1 pair of boots and having multiple options for colors and patterns. It eliminates having to buy the same shoe in different colors, and gives you the freedom to match them to any outfit! #win. The quality of the boots themselves are great - they're sturdy, and really well made. I was surprised at how comfortable they were right out of the box!

The process is simple. Remove the insert from the box and unroll it, then flip the top of the boot up - the part that's rolled onto the shaft of the boot. This reveals the "pocket" where the insert goes. With the notch in the insert facing down towards the foot, and the pattern facing outwards, simply slide the material down the boot behind the clear plastic. You can push the inside layer of the boot aside to get the edges of the insert to lay flat within the pocket. Once the insert is laying flay in the pocket, fold the flap over the top and close the snap in the back to secure it - that's it!

I obviously had to get the leopard print, and the black/whtie polka dots were fun too. What's even better - you can wear them without inserts and they look just as good! Since they don't carry half sizes, I would suggest sizing down - I'm usually a 7.5 in boots, but I got a 7 and they fit perfectly. I assume they'll soften a bit too with wear, they are a little stiff out of the box... but no more stiff than any other rain boot. The top of the boot hits in a perfect spot on me (I'm 5'7" for reference) and I really love the shape of the boot as a whole. I love the whole concept of these and will definitely be wearing mine throughout winter and into the spring!

Seeing as us New Englanders need to invest in all things "bad-weather" (Winter jacket, snow boots, rain coat and RAIN BOOTS) - these would make an awesome gift for the holidays.

Good news!! Use code GLITTER20 for 20% off your first pair!!

YAY! :)

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