As you may have heard, I recently took the Willing Beauty HY+5 Challenge. The challenge is only 5 days, but I really enjoyed the products so I decided to continue with the regimen! And after having several spots removed from my body (none of which ended up being skin cancer, thank god!) I really try to make better choices for the things I use on my skin.

Willing Beauty's products are simple, safe and effective. They've paired hyaluronic acid, with five anti-aging powerhouses: uber-absorbable vitamin C, anti-inflammatory prickly pear oil, marine glycoproteins with anti-wrinkle powers, thermally-activated bacteria to protect skin cells, and antioxidant-rich edelweiss flower to fend off free radicals. This mixture of anti-aging goodness is in all five of the HY+5 products and they all pack their own punch, without the harshness of, they're Leaping Bunny certified - YAY ANIMALS! Their ingredients are all EU compliant and reviewed by a member of the American Board of Toxicology. Bonus... super cute packaging, and you can get monthly deliveries!

Since my skin is generally pretty clear most of the time (except around "that" time of the month), it really takes me a while to see a dramatic difference in my skin after using certain products. Really, I could put butter on my face and not break out. I recently tried dermaplaning (which is an exfoliation method that uses a specialized razor to gently scrape off the top layer of dead skin cells) which is supposed to help with the absorption of serums and lotions. Since trying the dermaplaning, I've been continuing to use the HY+5 regimen and my skin has been super soft!

Interested in taking the #HY5Challenge yourself?

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